Memories from Barbados.

Hi, I’m photographer Peter Branch. Welcome to my blog. I haven’t posted in awhile, but here’s an update & some photos from a recent trip to Barbados, my island home. Click here to see Barbados album.

Relax you're in Barbados.

Memories From Barbados, visitors soaking up the island sun.

One of my favourite things about flying home is that moment when you step out of the plane doors onto the platform of the steps and the heat from the sun consumes your body. It’s like walking into a heavy fog of glorious heat that instantly warms you all the way to your bones.

Coconut trees love Barbados.

Coconut trees on Dover Beach Barbados in the shape of a love heart.

You take a second before you begin your descent down the wobbly plane steps to inhale that dense heat and feel the sun on your face, a grin makes its way onto your lips as you excitedly make your way towards the airport terminal: I am home!

Dover Beach.

Memories from Barbados, smoothies at Charles Watersports, Dover

Anyone hailing from warmer climes will understand this feeling.

The Sliff Resturant

Torches overlooking the sunset at the cliff restaurant.

I should be shattered after the 8 hour flight from London to Barbados, which in realty is over 12 hours if you include the moment you woke up — assuming you slept the night before that is. I arrived at my dad’s around 3pm to find he had prepared Cou-Cou & salt fish, with okra & pickled cucumber. Now I’m in heaven! Afterwards I take a relaxing walk along the beach as the sun sets taking a moment to dip my toes in the water.

Then it hits me “Relax, you’re in Barbados”!

Crane Beach Hotel.

Afternoon cocktails at The Crane Beach Hotel.

On Fire Barbados Sun

Barbados! What more can I say but “ah relax” when the sky is on fire like this you can but only watch!

Over the next three week I visit old familiar places try to see as many friends & family as possible while taking as many photos as I can.

Deserted Sunset

Another favourite from my recent trip to paradise, my island home of Barbados. The sky was beautiful that evening beach deserted and I got a few gems.

Sunset in Barbados.

Sunset from The Cliff Resturant.

Sting ray just off the west coast.

Worthing Beach

My old neighbourhood Worthing Beach.

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