Dawn’s Boudoir Photo-shoot.


Recently I did a photoshoot with Dawn. She wanted to treat herself to something special for her upcoming birthday. A working mother of 2 Dawn booked me to do the shoot to pep herself up & to fulfil some inhibitions. She had done a professional photoshoot before but has never done boudoir, until now. An avid Kizomba dancer she is the current reigning Kizomba UK champion.

Lady in the mirror.

Peter: How do you feel about your body?
Dawn: Pretty happy considering I made 2 lovely children with it!

Relaxing In Bed

What do you love about your body?
My big bottom and little waist


How did you feel about being half-naked in front of the camera?
Less anxious about nudity than I was about having my face photographed!


How did you feel after seeing the photos we created?
I felt like I’m one hot mamma!!!! Us ladies only focus on the imperfections, the dimples, the wobbly bits… Peter takes the shots to maximise your best bits and hide the bits you don’t. The effect is great.

The Mask.

Getting Dressed.

What€ is your go-to item to wear to feel smoking hot?
Brazilian knickers…


What i€™s your best tip for feeling gorgeous?
Hot bath, mood lighting and sexy undies and heels. Suck it in, Stick out your butt, point nips to the top of the wall!


What i€™s the best compliment you ever received?
“That I have an amazing mind”

Pearly Eyes.

How do you sum up your experience & would you do it again?
A truly liberating experience! Would I do it again? Hell yeah! I’ve already started planning….


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