I recently had honour of photographing Claire. She wanted to treat herself to something special for her upcoming birthday. A working mother of 3 Claire had never done a professional photoshoot before & used to shy away from the camera. She dances at a few clubs that I may cover sometimes & many time as I pointed my camera at her she used to hide.


Peter: How do you feel about your body?

Claire: Happy with my body, but wish my stomach was still flat! Except that age brings changes.


What do you love about your body?
I love my curves.

How did you feel about being half-naked in front of the camera?
Very comfortable being half naked, After all I go dancing in not much more.


How did you feel after seeing the photos we created?
Love the photo’s, excited to see what they were like. Would like to believe that is how I look. Enjoyed learning about creating a photo too, I do not like being photographed when I am the subject of the study but you made it fun an interesting. It felt like we were working together to make the photos and in doing that I stopped worrying and feeling self conscious and started to enjoy playing & planning.


What€ is your go-to item to wear to feel smoking hot?
I don’t really have a “go to item”, whatever accentuates the curves. Plus heels so it’s more difficult to ignore me


What i€™s your best tip for feeling gorgeous?
Happiness and self esteem.


What i€™s the best compliment you ever received?
Best compliment was ” you have a sexy hot body”!


How do you sum up your experience & would you do it again?
You made me feel comfortable and relaxed, although it took a while! You made it feel safe an fun so that I ended up wearing less and still comfortable. It was a great experience, lots of fun, my self confidence and self image has improved and we made some fab pictures. I would love to do it again.

Looking Back.


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